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Accounting software solutions
for Individuals, SMEs and professionals

Who we are

XBOOKS ltd is a software house specialized in the development of accounting software dedicated mainly to SMEs and professionals. Xbooks helps to be compliant with tax regulations, especially for the accounting of patrimonial assets, with ad hoc services and an in-depth analysis of the transactions concerning these assets.

Active in the field of technological innovation, Xbooks is a fast growing company that is already helping thousands of users to account for their assets and to comply perfectly with the latest tax regulations.

What do we do

Xbooks deals with the development of software that allow you to record and create reports of your financial and equity assets. It does so by offering a series of services and software that cover the most specific needs, with the ability to manage even virtual assets.

Software for SMEs and professionals

The software developed by Xbooks meets the specific needs of professionals and SMEs, allowing them to apply the accounting methods used by large companies to their specific use cases.

Assets technology based accounting

Our software is designed to account for any type of asset by integrating information from third parties for market price assessments.

Accounting applied to different use cases

Our software uses international accounting standards and adapt to the most particular and out of the ordinary use cases.

Our departments

Xbooks is a software house that is made up of specialized teams composed by highly trained experts. The synergies between the teams allow Xbooks to be an extremely agile and fast software house, capable of producing the best software of its kind on the market and satisfying the most varied needs of its users.

Idea validation

Product Design

Software Dev

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